Gemini Protocol

Last night while I was browsing THE WEB I stumbled upon something really interesting. I was finishing my Lubuntu build on an old laptop and checking out /r/unixporn and there was this desktop which seemed normal but it had a browser with a veeery clean UI and a page with brutalist style with no fancy stuff, just as I like it. The url of the page was starting with "gemini://" and it got me wondering. So I began my crusade in the endless oceans of the interwebs to find out what it was --just kidding, it took me 0.00021 seconds to find out exactly what it is with Google, hah!

See, i always hated the way the internet has become, so much information so many laters soOO many interactions, you can read my rant about it here. Anyway, upon finding out the Gemini protocol, it filled me with joy, just like the first time I became online.

Currently I'm testing it out with a browser named Kristall Kristall, and browsing gemini:// -an index similar to the old Yahoo! where can browse by topic, or search. to see what catches my attention.

Another thing that I like the most about it though is that it is a very good platform (protocol or whatever) to write blogs on! The stripped down feeling, the text only interface, OH THE JOY.

I will check out the ways of hosting a website using Gemini in the upcoming days and will probably roll out on it as well.

To learn more about Gemini, you can check out Gemini Quickstart!

Until then, take care!