Love Trip

Takako Mamiya's Love Trip

Last night while I was going through my YouTube homepage to find something to watch to kill time because I was overwhelmed following the developments in Ukraine, I found this masterpiece by Takako Mamiya. It's an album released in 1982 and apparently this is the only album she has released and there is nothing much known about her. A Japanese citypop album which is praised to be the best in this genre. And let me tell you, It's a frikking banger. Just look at the cover art.

Front Cover artwork of Love Trip by Takako Mamiya, 1982

Front Cover artwork of Love Trip by Takako Mamiya, 1982


Here I will be talking about my favorites on the album.

Love Trip

The album opens with the song Love Trip, and immediately lays down the groundwork for the sonic structure of the album.

The lyrics are also on another level.

Taking a pink rose

Out of its bouquet

Placing it on my collar

A playful move I'm used to

Chinese Restaurant

The following song is 'Chinese Restaurant, which is my favorite song on the whole album. The clever usage of synths, sax solo, percussions and their overall harmony takes you on a Love Trip.

真夜中のジョーク - A Joke Made at Midnight

The third song on the album is 真夜中のジョーク, which translates to, A Joke Made at Midnight. This one is a journey on itself. Be sure to pay attention to the guitar solo on the ending of the song. Japanese are just so cool man.

What a Broken Heart Can Do

This song is the English version of the album opener, Love Trip. It's, as expected, the only song on the album featuring English lyrics. Probably a way to promote the album outside of Japan. I guess that has worked as Love Trip is arguably the best song overall in the album.

Just do yourself a favor and give this album a listen. I promise, you won't be disappointed. Just a heads up though, for some reason the album is not available on major streaming services such as Spotify. Here's a YouTube link for the album that is a vinyl rip and it's just amazing. Love Trip - Takako Mamiya [ 間宮貴子 ] - 1982 - Full Album

See you later!